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Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend of Fun

We had so much fun this weekend!
Saturday, we went to this chalk-drawing competition in Corona - really small, I think there were probably about 10 artists. But some of the stuff was sooooo good. Everything was almost finished by the time that we got there, so we were able to walk around and see what everyone had actually done (instead of walking around and wondering what the finished product would look like). But, there was this one guy there that wasn't quite finished yet. Miss M and I were watching him and she looked at me and said - I wanna draw with him. Hahhahaa. They did have a little spot for kids to draw so we took her over there and spent most of the time there. She had a lot of fun, she did a lot of drawing and me and mom helped her.
Sunday morning, we went to Kmart to grab Miss M a life jacket and a fishing rod for next weekend. We got there early so it wasn't crowded and it was generally much nicer than shopping in WalMart - for all that says, I guess. But, she had fun picking out her own rod and life vest. They also were having some kind of Dora promotion and they had this blow up Dora doll next to the front door. Miss M said hello and good bye to it on the way out. Who knew Kmart could be so much fun?
In the evening, we went to the AOP New Member Night. It was nice because it wasn't that crowded (like ususal) and they had little craft stations. I think Miss M was probably a little bit young for the whole thing - they had stuff that you could touch, but she wasn't tall enough - and it didn't start until 6:30 which is a bit late for us to go out and start doing anything, but she did have fun. We got there right after they sent divers into the big tank at the end of the hall and she got to walk right up to the glass where the guy waved to her a bunch of times. She also got to make a little jellyfish project (with curly ribbon and a paper bowl with holes punched around the edge) and then we took her over to compare it to the real jellyfish, but then it was late and we had to book out of there. But, it was still fun and like I told SN, since we will only be new members this one year, we would never have gotten to go again.
Nice to get a new idea for craft projects at home. We will be making those jellyfish again - at home - in a couple of months!
More later!