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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beach Weekends

Took Miss M to the beach last Sunday - it's become our regular Sunday routine now that the weather is warmer and we can actually BE on the beach without our jackets!! We got there earlier than normal (usually we show up after nap time). We had a great time, we did some walking, but mostly built sand castles with her pail. I think that the most fun thing for her was asking us for more water and having one of us go down into the water, get more for her, having her pour it out as fast as she could around the castle (we built a moat) and then watching us go down and get more!! The water was very, very cold, but refreshing. We couldn't get Miss M in though. She said that she didn't want the water to get her because it would "hurt her".
She was having so much fun that when we told her it was time to leave to go get lunch, she told us that she didn't want to go and that she wasn't hungry!! :)
Crazy on the beach though - we usually go down near the Plaza Pool, just because it's close to bathrooms, the grocery store (if we need it) and other places to eat. But, it's also usually crowded and the sand is dirty (I guess from so many people being - and leaving - stuff there). This past weekend, we went down to where the breakwater opens up. I generally don't like going down there because of all the kite surfers - they are everywhere and, sometimes, I feel like maybe we are in the way or something. But, no surfers this weekend... So we were able to sit on the beach and enjoy the (cleaner!) sand, clearer water, all the birds, and just being at the beach. However, there was a little thing with the ladybugs! They were everywhere! I can't remember ever seeing so many at once before - it was like someone opened up containers of them or something. Miss M was a little bit scared of them, and we were trying to show her that it was no big deal, and they land on you, figure out you aren't a flower and leave, and I thought that she was getting it and she was going to be fine. And then, of course (!), the hugest ladybug I have ever seen landed right on her CHEEK! No kidding. She went into a panic and we ended up just picking her up and moving down to another spot on the beach. After awhile, the wind picked up a bit, and we didn't have to worry about them anymore. We also saw dolphins (porpoises, SN called them - what's the difference? I don't know) in the water. At first, we only saw one or two at a time and then, all of the sudden, there were like six of them swimming around out there, back and forth. SN and I had fun tracking them and trying to show them to Miss M, who, I believe, never actually saw them out there! Maybe next time. We were also next to this huge sand hill that was on the beach (from the beach cleanup?). There were kids that were climbing on top and then sliding down on sleds!! Sledding Cali-style, I guess. It was fun to watch. We will have to get Miss M a sled next year!! Everything was peaceful and quiet and relaxing and beautiful. We could even hear the (small) waves coming up the beach (Imagine! hearing the waves on the beach in Long Beach). It was so cool and pristine.... And everything was quiet like that until the jet skis and cigarette boats showed up around 11!!! Not too many, but it killed the peaceful vibe that I was getting sitting there. SN said (as we were leaving) that we have found our new beach spot - and I agree!!!
More later!