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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Princess Party

Miss M went to a "Princess Party" this past weekend. She started telling me about going about a week before the actual event. She kept telling me -Audrey's having a party. I am going to Audrey's party. So, I admit, since it was a princess party, I went a little crazy! I bought her a princess Aurora outfit (sleeping beauty?) complete with the crown, aaaand then topped it off with matching earrings, a braclet, and a (talking!) necklace.
We were a little late for the party - - we had to wait for the hunger tantrum to subside - - and after she got a pb&j sammie down, we were on our way. We couldn't actually get her to get into the dress, that had to wait until we got there - - thank goodness she spilled water on the dress that she was wearing on the way there (which was a great thing because that dress had jelly and something else on the front of it). I actually changed her right in the car before we went in to the party.
The party was very nice - the parents did a good job. The highlight was that they invited Cinderella to come to the party! She told a story, sang songs, took pictures, painted faces, and then made all the girls (and one of the mothers - not me) promise to be good princesses and gave them magic wands. It was very nice. Afterwards, one of the older girls (a cousin?) painted all the little girls nails. Miss M kept telling me -See my nails? See my nails? They played for a while afterwards. And, before I knew it, it was almost 3pm!!! I had only been planning on staying for an hour or two. I had a hard time convincing Miss M that it was time to go - she kept telling me -One minute....But she fell asleep in the car right away. She was so exhausted, I actually carried her to her bed and she never woke up. So she still got a nap in - princess dress and face paint still intact!!! Hahaha
The next day I said something about how nice it was that Audrey's parents knew Cinderella and invited her to the party and Miss M told me -Now I know her too!
Too cute!
More later!