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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend :)

We had such a fun weekend – Saturday we went to Mom and Dad's – didn't really do all that much – lunch at Kings (Miss M's choice). Usually she gets mac n cheese, but since she had that at CPK the night before, I didn't mention it…and she decided that she wanted chicken (!!!) instead. This is the second time in the past month or so that she has actually asked for CHICKEN!!! I can't believe it. Mom got shark (!) and I got my usual – corn, spinach, and potatoes with miso soup to start (I still am amazed that KINGS has miso soup). But, considering where it's coming from, it's actually pretty good. Afterwards, we went shopping – which was really just us walking around…I don't think that I bought anything!! When we got home, SN had dinner ready for us (so, so nice to be able to come home at least one night a week and not have to worry about dinner!). He made us Tomato, Rice, and Bean Soup and Rosemary Foccacia from Veganomicon. The soup was simple, but wonderful, we have been eating it for lunch every day since he made it. It's nice that he bought me that book so that he could cook so much stuff out of it – hahahhaa! Really, there is nothing in that book so far that has not been good…

Sunday, I got up in the morning and made the Cranberry Pecan Muffins from Vegan Brunch (really - - this woman can not come up with a recipe that I don't like). These muffins were unbelievably good – so good that I will make them the next time we are planning to have someone stay overnight or next time I need a food type of gift for someone. They were easy to whip up, cooked in about 25 minutes, and were halfway gone before 9:30!!! Afterwards, I decided that we weren't gonna hang around the house all day, so we got up and got ready to go for a walk. Miss M decided that she wanted to go to Costco (??), so we went over there, walked around, again – didn't buy anything, but we were probably there for about ½ an hour! I did find a cute Easter dress for Miss M to wear, but in the end, since I didn't bring my own bag (or my car), I ended up putting it back so that I didn't have to carry it around for the rest of our walk. Then, we went to the pet store and Miss M decided that she was hungry. Usually, we go to Subway for lunch on Sundays, but we got in there, and it was busy and loud and I really just didn't feel like it….We ended up across the street at Togos and, since it was early, we had the whole place to ourselves…very nice. On the way home, I suggested we stop for dessert, but about half way there, Miss M actually asked if we could just go straight home!!! We may be doing a long walk EVERY Sunday morning…lol…She even went down for a nap nice and easy!! Whew!!

More later!!! :)