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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katie's Baby Shower

Played hide-and-seek with Miss M on Thursday! It's a first for us....I think she really enjoyed it, especially seeing how it went on for about 1/2 an hour! She's really good at the hiding part, but not the staying hidden part yet - :)
Busy weekend! Shirley stayed with us - we picked her up on Friday - we ended up at the AOP (which was great, it was bring a friend in free day or something like that, so she didn't have to pay!). She had a good time with Miss M and encouraged her to pay to help the aquarium feed the otters (something I have NEVER thought of doing!) and then we went to watch them and then she bought her a stuffed otter to take home (from the gift shop). Hahhahaha. It was fun for Miss M, however, being summer and a Friday, it was very crowded. I think we were there for about an hour and a half or so before I had enough. :)  Guess I am so used to the days where it ISN'T busy that I just can't stand all the crowds and the kids along with a baby that is cranky because I have kept her up past nap time! LOL.
Saturday morning, we went over to Mom's for Katie's shower. It was very nice A. Pennie was there, Roxanna, Kyana, Don, Travis, Barbara S., and of course, Katie. We had a lot of fun just visiting and hanging out, but again, another long, long day! I was exhausted, but happy. KT got a lot of nice stuff for her party and Mom did a good job with the decorations and the food....Although, I think I ate tooooo many hummus sandwiches and there were SOOO many desserts. But, good all the same! Sunday, we went down to the Patchwork Festival in Marina Park. I was a little bit didisappointed in the set up (I had imagined it being bigger and having more food), but we did get there early and a lot of people were still getting there booths maybe that was part of the problem. We ended up over at the Farmers Market and that was much more fun! Had tamales (of course!) for lunch and grabbed some extra produce and Miss M tasted oranges and cherries from every.single.booth. that had them out! :)
Wonderful, busy weekend - - but I loved it.
Another one coming up here, too! Miss M has no school tomorrow or Friday - - I am thinking maybe the zoo and the water taxi along with a ride in the Passport, which she told me last night, she REALLY wants to do! Hahhahaha!
More later!    :)