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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indian Dinner

Made a cool Indian style dinner this week, again from - I am so impressed with this website (and shocked that I didn't discover it sooner). Everything we have had so far has been delicious - even SN has commented on how good the food is, including the recipes here - and everything is quick and easy to make. I think that most things can be made in 1/2 an hour or 40 minutes which is cool. This week, I prepped and pre-made nearly everything ahead of time (on Sunday), so dinners have been hassle free and easy during the week (ahhhh! reminds me of the way I USED to be organized with dinners and meal planning).  So the Indian-style Dinner started off with an Indian Stew (I made a few modifications - adding in zucchini and two kinds of potatoes, I have to say the fingerling potatoes worked better than the red potatoes, and extra water, used fresh tomatoes instead of canned and used regular carrots (and extras) in place of the baby carrots. We had it with brown rice and the Insalata Mista (is that Indian???) - again with a few modifications - extra Vegan mayo and soymilk with a little lemon juice instead of buttermilk. The dressing was easy - Miss M whisked it together while I got the carrots ready to throw on the top. Delicious and quick!
More later!   :)