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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Took Miss M to see Toy Story 3 yesterday! It's the first time I have ever taken her to the movies! At one point, I think she got bored, we were about 1/2 way in and she told me that she wanted to go home!! We went outside and walked around...had a snack and I think that "recharged" her! hahahaha! Everything was good, so we went back in and continued to watch the rest of the movie. We sat right by the door, just in case we needed to leave was very loud. At one point, I looked down and she was squirming in her seat and I realized that she was moaning (!). I asked her what was wrong and she said - so scary, this movie is so scary...awww little baby. So we left again for a little while...  The movie was good, but, unfortunately, not very suitable for little kids. That sucks because she was so very excited about going to see it - but, maybe it was made for kids who were little ones when the first one came out, or something like that!! Afterwards, there was a mall across the parking lot, so we went over there, and went to the Disney store where we saw all the characters - and that was better! They were having a big sale so we ended up getting 2 pairs of princess flip flops, 2 pairs of princess sunglasses, 1 pair of sunglasses for Kyana, and 1 pair for Miss M's little friend Khloe - - all for about $12!!! What a great deal. Miss M was so good in the mall, we just walked around and shopped - and window shopped for awhile then stopped at Starbucks for a snack and a little rest and then went back to G. Susan's house. She played with my dad for awhile and then we got started going home. About 10 miles from my mom and dad's, she said - mommy, if I fall asleep, will you wake me up when we get home? I said that I would and she fell right asleep! She woke up around 10 or so for a little cuddle and she slept all night after that. Ahhhhh - No Nap Nowak, but not a bad thing that day!!  :)
More later!  :)