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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stay at Home Mom Try-Out

Got a good dose last week of what it would be like to be a SAHM! Miss M's school was closed on Thursday and Friday (and Monday!) so I took the days off to be with her. :) We had a lot of fun - We did crafts from on Thursday, so that meant a trip to the craft store....Unfortunately, we spent so much time there and looked at so many things that at some point (!) she put some of her stuff down and I didn't notice until we got home - - but, no big deal, I improvised with what we had on hand and what do you know.....I really didn't need to buy any of that stuff anyways. I think she was just as happy and proud (!) with my made up versions (even though they weren't as beautiful as the website "finished" pictures) - she showed SN about five times what she made that day! We also did some sewing (she helped me pick out the patterns and the fabric) - - crazy sewing - - well, I did the sewing while Miss M cut up the scraps of fabric. At one point, I asked her if she wanted to go outside and play and she told me that she was okay, she was just going to sew some more! We ended up making Miss M a tank top, a pair of capri pants (a little too big, but she can either wear them next year, or wear them for a finger painting day), a cute sundress, and (I still have to finish the hem...) another cute, longer, sundress that she will be able to wear this weekend - - if I can get on it and get the hem finished. I also made myself a new bag - - it was ALL sewing ALL the time. Hahahhaa! We also spent some time at the library, went for a long walk, and made a pit stop at the grocery store and Target one day. It was very nice to not have to rush - - like I usually do - - and I noticed that Miss M enjoyed taking more time to look at things and touch things and talk about things! I will have to make a point to slow down more and let her have time to explore (even in the library or the grocery store!).... our trips were less like chores and more like fun when I was like that. On Friday, we took SN out to lunch, but ended up at the park - - which was a lot of fun for Miss M. On Saturday, she actually told me that she was ready for a nap, and then later that evening, told me she was ready for bed! WOW!!!! That hasn't happened since she was about a year old. Hahhaha. 
The whole thing was very nice and I am glad that I took the time off of work and spent it with just me and her!
More later!