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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pole Dancer???

My whole body is sore!!
It's not really my New Year's Resolution - just a promise to myself to, basically, have a more rockin body this year....sounds like a resolution, doesn't it? It DOES involve working out or doing some kind of exercise for at least 1/2 an hour every night and watching what I eat to make sure that I am eating healthy, wholesome, homemade foods.
I even bought a set of weights. And, honestly!, this is the first time that I have ever owned a set of weights. They are only three pounds each (felt like 100 the first time I used them - I could barely lift my arms the next day), but I figure that something is better than nothing. And, really, if I kill myself the first week (using heavier weights), those babies would have been going to Goodwill as soon as I could get them in my car and get it out of the garage - lol.
Anyways - I have been working out at home with my ExerciseTV channel and there are tons of "videos" so I can change it up every night and not get bored. But, to top it off, I decided that on Fridays, I would do something different. Like GO SOMEWHERE and do something that is exercise related. Enter OC Pole Fitness.... yep, you read that right - it's pole dancing. I was a little bit uncomfortable at first - it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone - but, it is really fun - and it's a crazy workout!! My legs feel like they are on fire. This was my third class and I learned today how to spin around the pole with my legs up and away (!) from! Seeing other girls doing that, it looks graceful and beautiful, but, when I get up and try it - ugh! - I need like three tries to even get anywhere near graceful....  :)  So, I have decided, while I will never be a professional pole dancer - hahhaha - it is a good workout, a lot of fun, and definitely something new and different.... And, hopefully, my legs and arms will come out of this looking great!! :)

More later!!!  :)