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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Happy V-Day!!
Spent some time last night with Miss NoNo finding places to hide kisses for Daddy.  :)  We "hid" them in:
  • his underwear, sock, and t-shirt drawers
  • in his shoes
  • in his lunch bag
  • by the front door
  • in the dryer
  • in his bathroom drawer
  • on his nightstand
  • in the refrigerator: in the fruit drawer, in the eggs, next to the milk, and on top of his pre-made (for lunch) sandwich
  • and one on top of the trash can
You would have thought that the kisses were for Miss NoNo herself as excited as she was!! Mr. NoNo told me later that she kept telling him, "there is something for you hidden somewhere, but I can't tell you where because it won't be as much fun". This morning, the excitement overwhelmed her, I guess. She kept telling Mr. NoNo - you need to look in the eggs now, don't forget to look in the eggs. Hahahaha.

I also made a little "basket" for Miss M - two preschool activity books, Disney Princess pens, window markers, and a squeezable applesauce container that she can put in her lunch one day this week! She didn't see it before I left for work. But, after the chocolate high (from school) slows down, I'm sure she will be telling me all about it!!!

Tonight, I am making a special VDay dinner: Homemade (!) gnocchi with red sauce, a simple salad, mushroom crostini (as an appetizer while dinner finishes) and rosemary apple turnovers for dessert!!! Yum! My plan is to have the tarts cooking while we eat dinner and then pull them out and serve after a little bit. (The turnovers are a treat for Mr. NoNo who had something like that at a restaurant last month and was still talking about it a couple of days later!)
I will share the pics and the recipes later this week!!!

This was the most fun I have had on Valentine's Day in years!!
More later!! :)