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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Week of Menu Ideas

It's supposed to rain tonight, so we are having soup this week and roasted veggies another day. We did, however, spend the weekend outside at the farmers' market, enjoying the sunshine (while we have it!), and relaxing.
And happy Chinese New Year by the way! <-- That's today for those of you that don't know. Miss No-No and I picked out this beautiful pink and white cheongsam for her to wear to school today (it's going to be cold, but that's what leggings and jackets are for!!). We aren't Chinese, but there is a big celebration - with a parade! - at her school today, so she wanted to dress up. :)

Here's what I have planned for the week:

Leftover Minestrone Soup, Garlic Bread, Salad

Sesame Soba Noodles, Spring Rolls, Sauteed Swiss Chard

Roasted Root Veggies, Italian Bean Salad, Tri-Color Couscous

Garden Burgers, Salad

Falafel, Pitas, Greek Salad

Dinner Out

Bean Tacos, Rice, Beans, Tex Mex Salad

1. Minestrone Soup: I make 2 - 3 times what we will eat at once and freeze the leftovers. This helps on days when I am either tired, running late, or have an appointment in the evenings. I just put the soup in the fridge the night before and then defrost the rest (if necessary) in a pan on the stove; soup can also go from freezer to pot on the stove (just pour a little extra water in the pan to help it all defrost).
2. Sauteed Greens: I got awesome rainbow chard at the farmers' market this weekend! I cut it into large ribbons (don't forget to remove the rough center stem), saute over medium in some olive oil and minced garlic for a few minutes, pour in some water, cover and let cook away (on low) for approximately 10 minutes. Remove the lid and either pour off any excess water or let it evaporate as much as possible before serving.
3. Roasted Veggies: Scrub veggies (sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, and whole garlic cloves), dice the larger veggies into similar sized pieces and then put on a baking pan. Pour about 1 T. olive oil over the veggies, add some salt or seasoning (I usually add thyme and a seasoning mix like Braggs or Mrs. Dash without salt), mix with your hands, and put in a 375 degree oven for approximately 40 minutes, stirring about 1/2 way through. The veggies come out sweet and caramelized!
Italian Bean Salad: This is my mom's recipe - it's basically a can (each) of red kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and white beans (you can sub in black), green beans (I defrost frozen), 1/2 a red onion diced up, 2 garlic cloves minced, 1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian parsley, salt, pepper, and dressing (either oil and vinegar with dried Italian seasoning or just use Italian dressing); mix to incorporate and let marinate for at least an hour or over night.
4. Falafel: I keep meaning to take a stab at homemade falafel (which I would later freeze), but for now, I have been using a box mix because it's fast and easy....and I must have gotten them on sale or with a coupon or something because I bought about 5 boxes - lol

What do you have planned this week?
More later! :)