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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Week of Menus - Beans, Beans, Beans...

We had Eggplant Parmesan last night (that Mr. No-No made!!). Yay!! Sometimes, I am so busy with the little things every day that the big things don't always get done!!
Miss No-No had her spring break last week which meant I got to spend a couple of days with her at home. We ended up doing some craft projects, going to the Aquarium, going to a long, long lunch / play date, and watching a lot of movies (it rained one day and was cold for all the others). We also spent a lot of time one day at Chuck E. Cheese with 3 other kids from Miss No-No's class. This is only the second time that I have taken her there, but she has loved it every time. We may have over done it this time, tho - - when it was time to leave, she said okay and we just went over and got our stuff and got ready to go...I was surprised that she didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home! lol. But, I love spending the day with her where we have nothing rushing us, no appointments to get to, no set plan, we are just out to do some stuff and spend some time together!!

That felt like a little mini-vacation!! But, not we are back to the grind ;)
Here's what I have planned for this week:
{Lemongrass Tofu}
Minestrone Soup
Garlic Bread
Green and Red Lettuce Salads

Lemongrass Tofu with Green Bean Noodles (1)
Stir Fried Bok Choy
Coconut Rice

{Everyday Hummus}

Black Eyed Peas
Brown Rice
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Green Salads

Hawaiian-Style Grilled Garden Burgers (2)

Grilled Vegetable Wraps (3)
Hummus and Carrot Sticks
Sweet Potato Fries

{Clean Out The Fridge Soup}
Dinner out


1. Green Bean Noodles - are for sale at the Asian market by my house. However, I just found them at Vons last weekend in the Asian food aisle. Now they are easier than ever to get a hold of....and they are so ridiculously good for you - they look like white (rice / vermicelli) noodles, but are actually made from GREEN BEANS. It's amazing. (:
Also - this recipe calls for Lemongrass (and I don't have any and won't be making another trip to the grocery store tonight), but I will be substituting in some lemon zest - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of a lemon rind (yellow parts only). It won't be EXACTLY the same, but it will be close.
2. Hawaiian Style Garden Burgers - I just add grilled (canned) pineapple slices, substitute red onion instead of white and substitute teriyaki sauce for BBQ sauce that I would usually put on burgers. It's a quick and simple fix that can completely change the way a meal can taste!
3. Grilled Veggie Wraps - Using large tortillas, spread about 1/3 to 1/2 of the tortilla with a thin layer of hummus and then top 1/4 - 1/3 of the tortilla with grilled vegetables. Roll up burrito style and serve.

How did you stay dry last week??
More later! (: